Why Precision Maintenance is so IMPORTANT!!

First, let’s think of our body like a car. Imagine you only get one car for the rest of your life, just one.

How would you take care of it?

How would you treat it?

How would you feed it, use it and provide maintenance for it?

The sad part is many of us out there, myself at times included, treat our bodies as though we will have thousands of bodies over our lifetime.  Sad, but true. The truth is we will only have one and no matter what, how we treat it, how we take care of it, feed it and use it will dictate just how long it lasts and how well it performs and functions during that period of time (your life).

How well it performs, this means physically, mentally, emotionally and professionally.

Body Maintenance is much like an oil or tire change, a tune-up, car wash or gas fill up (or plugins depending on your car) that will be performed over the lifetime of the car.  Our bodies require the same attention, each and every day.

This is not a sales pitch or anything like that.  

It is a reality check! FOR EVERYONE!

In today’s’ world we are busy busy people, no matter the age. I have seen 10-year-olds with busier schedules than myself and I’m a husband, father (of 3) and business owner.  With that understanding here are some ways in which we can do Body Maintenance for ourselves.

Body Maintenance can include:

  • Clean food
  • stretching/mobility work
  • Stability work
  • Cardiovascular exercise: running, rowing, hiking, biking, swimming
  • Weights
  • Massage
  • Active Release Technique – What I do!
  • Correctional exercises – What we do at Precision Sports Therapy!
  • NormaTec Compression – We offer at Precision Sports Therapy!

At Precision Sports Therapy we offer an amazing program built specifically for Body Maintenance.  The purpose of this program is to offer an affordable plan that can help anyone and EVERYONE to stay in great shape, feeling good and moving even better!

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