This is the most under utilized modality in sports.  Recovery is where all the good stuff happens from training and here’s why.

Recovery allows the body to:

  1. Increases aerobic endurance
  2. Balance hormonal levels
  3. Increases human growth hormone
  4. Increases strength
  5. Utilizes fat cells for energy
  6. Adaptation occurs in the exercised tissues
  7. Increased ability to transport and deliver Oxygen to tissues/muscles
  8. Restore pH balance (acid/base balance)
  9. Decreased inflammation in the body
  10. Healing from exercises induced muscle damage (normal in exercise and sport)
  11. Normalize energy resources
  12. MENTAL recovery – decrease stress response

What happens when we are NOT recovering or recovering well?

  1. Muscle soreness and weakness – which will affect your next workout
  2. Poor exercise and sport performance
  3. Decrease appetite which equals decrease growth and recovery
  4. Increased risk of infection, sickness and poor health
  5. Decrease quality of sleep and rest
  6. Gastro-intestinal abnormalities
  7. Increased inflammation in the body
  8. Mental fatigue – increase stress responses to exercise and life!
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