Fees for Services

Fee’s below are for cash patients only.

Fee’s are collected at the time of service for each visit, for more information about each please read below.

Services and Fee’s are:

  • Initial Exam & Treatment 1-hr.                                                              $97
  • Follow up Treatments (20-30 mins)                                                      $80
  • Maintenance Program (10-15 mins)                                                     $40
  • Functional Movement Screening 1-hr.                                                 $127
  • Titlest Performance Golf Screening 1-hr.                                            $127
  • NormaTec Recovery Session 20-mins.                                                 $20
  • InfraRed/LED Light Therapy  30-mins.                                                  $40

Initial Exam includes:

  • Comprehensive history
  • Orthopedic examination
  • Functional analysis (how you move)
  • Soft tissue treatment: Active Release Tech.
  • Chiropractic adjustments  – where and if necessary
  • Functional Rehab/Corrective exercise prescription

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