Dear new and current patients,

This letter is to inform you of upcoming changes at the office of Dr. Travis Conley, Precision Sports Therapy, in the coming months.

Due to the ever changing landscape of insurance companies, we felt it necessary for us to make a couple changes and to give you a better understanding as to why. Here are the bullet points, you can read more below if you wish:

Dr. Conley runs a unique chiropractic sports medicine practice which requires:
Time with each patient to make sure we are reaching our goals in a suitable manner
Effort: Dr. Conley spends hours on each case, goes over them to make sure nothing is being missed or overlooked, and to make sure each visit is maximized for success.
Fixing pain is about fixing the problem that caused the pain, and that takes time with the patient
Because Dr. Conley uses 20-30 minute visits, it makes it even more difficult to be reimbursed from insurance companies as they do not acknowledge necessary extra time spent with patients as “medically necessary.”
Deductibles increasing by 200% ($2000 a year to $4000/yr)
Co-Pays are increasing 200-250% (from $20/visit to $40-$50/visit)
Insurance payments can take up to 12 weeks
Front office spends between 10-20 hours a week just dealing with the insurance company which does not guarantee we get payment from them
Actual coverage (what they pay) has decreased by over 60% over the last 3 years
Due to these and many other problems in dealing with insurance companies, Dr. Conley will no longer accept insurance as a form of payment. All patients will pay at the time of their visit and receive a super bill that they can send to their insurance company and they will in turn send you a check for whatever your plan covers.

A lot more info if you would like to read about the change and other issues it pertains to.

Deductibles are increasing (some doubling) each year which means as a patient you have to pay cash for each treatment until the deductible is met, which means you are a cash patient even though you may have coverage, however due to deductibles that range between $2500-$5000 a year, you will pay cash until they are met. Due to the increase in deductibles, your premium is subject to increase as well as visits are imputed as claims. That means every time you see a chiropractor your insurance can raise your premium.
Reimbursements (what doctors get paid) to doctors are decreasing yearly and sometimes monthly, which means you, as the patient, having higher co-pays (these can increase from $20/visit to as high as $40)
Collecting from insurance companies can last between 8-12 weeks and in some cases 4 months. Which means Dr. Conley will wait for months to find how what your insurance plan will actually cover, which in turn means you will generally get a bill, even months after your treatments are over, for the balance that the insurance company did not cover.
The doctor and staff will spend up to 12 hours a week on the phone trying to work with the insurance company to receive payments.
Coverage, while verified initially, does not tell us how much of it they will cover and over the last couple years it has decreased, which means sometimes, months after you were treated by the doctor the insurance company finally pays what they cover, but now that can leave you with $200-$300 left on your end to pay.
You pay cash at the time of service, we provide you with a superbill and you submit that to your insurance and they will reimburse you for whatever amount your plan covers.
Your Benefit: Instead of getting a bill from Dr. Conley’s office for whatever the insurance did not cover, you get a check from them for what it did cover. No bill, just a check you can deposit and keep.
We have had many instances where the insurance company has informed us that the patient is covered, only to find out months later they were only covered by 50%, so the patient then receives a bill for the balance almost 2 months after the treatments were completed.
The doctor and staff will be able to spend more time taking of you, the patient, instead of spending hours on the phone with the insurance companies.
This means less waiting time, faster return texts or phone calls, more attention to your needs as a patient and person.
There are no increasing co-pays to figure out – you make an appointment, Dr. Conley treats you, you provide payment, we provide a superbill and then your insurance company will reimburse you for whatever your plan covers.
Each year when deciding on a plan, you can save money by opting out of chiropractic coverage (saving you up to $200/month) and just have basic coverage.
Since most patients see me for a limited time and I offer a basic maintenance plan, the costs are usually much less than the coverage will cost you.
Even though you may have coverage, because of increasing co-pays and deductibles, in some cases, you actually don’t have any coverage.
Or example, let’s say you have a $2000 deductible, $20 co-pay and your plan only pays $73.61 towards your deductible each visit. You would have to see Dr. Conley 27 times before it begins. By then you would have paid $2800 before insurance actually pays anything. Now if you opted out and just paid cash and utilized our maintenance plan, you would save $2400 on insurance alone, and be out of pocket on 27 visits (assume ½ are maintenance 14 x $40= $560 and ½ are normal treatments 13 x $80= $1040) only $1600.
Additionally – if you saw Dr. Conley once a week, all year long for maintenance (which is not needed or recommended, but for example) your cost would only be $2080.
Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email or call.


Dr. Travis Conley, D.C., D.A.B.C.S.P., C.S.C.S., T.P.I.-Med.2, A.R.T., S.F.M.A.

& Staff at Precision Sports Therapy.

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